Marketing and SEO Position

I am looking for a gay or gay friendly online marketer to help promote — This is a real easy job and an easy way to make some money. All you need to do is do SEO and online marketing for the site so that we get 1 signup per day (30 signups a month).

I can teach you some methods that have worked well in the past like creating profiles on popular gay hookup sites, posting ads on craigslist, chatting in chat rooms, twitter, uploading teaser clips to tube sites, etc.

0-15 sales per month = $0 (the site is already doing this on its own)
15 sales = $25
30 sales = $50
45 sales = $75
60 sales = $100
and so on

If you get this site well SEO’d and properly promoted you can easily make $100 a month (2 sales per day) in reoccuring income with just a few hours of effort a week. I just don’t have time to do the necessary things to properly promote the site.

I will set the site up so you get emailed when a sign up occurs so you know exactly how many signups the site is getting and so you can know what works to get sign ups and what doesn’t.

If you’re interested in this unique opportunity, please do the following:

1) Send me an email with the Subject Line of “ Marketer” to
2) Let us know why you think you’d be great for this job
3) Any experience you have in this type of marketing and SEO